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The Research Department is engaged in Research and Development work for incorporating state-of-art technology in Radio & Television Broadcasting. The technical activities undertaken in various AIR labs are as follows:

Telemetry System:

Telemetry System has been developed for controlling & monitoring of Medium Wave Transmitter from remote location. The system has been successfully tested at AIR Rohtak and AIR Kota.

FM Antennae:

Recently, Research Department has designed and developed Six bay circularly polarized 10 kW FM antenna, which has been tested successfully on full power at AIR Mysore.

Multilingual News Automation System:

AIR is having more than 40 Regional News Service Units spread all over India which produce and broadcast News bulletins in their respective regional languages. These units are functioning with set-up of manual working in the Newsroom. Research Department has developed Multilingual News Room Automation System has been developed to make work flow faster, easier and smoother. In this system, News items in the text form from agencies are captured directly on computer, edited and read from teleprompter like screen. Audio clips can be inserted and played back during News Bulletins. Provision of last minute changes in the news bulletin is also incorporated in the software.

Acoustic Test Facilities:

Acoustic laboratory of Research Department offers test facilities for carrying out various study projects, acoustic measurements, testing and evaluation of acoustic materials including electro-acoustic transducers. Recently measuring setup has been modernized by introducing new Sound/Noise Analyser system to enhance the measuring facilities in the lab. This section of R&D has taken up the acoustic measurements on around 20 numbers of new acoustic materials and issued the standardized reports. This process also helped R&D to build-up a good database for studio design.

Interactive Radio Service (IRS):

The Interactive Radio Service (IRS) software is designed and developed to introduce live interactivity between listener and presenter in studio through telephone line. It is user-friendly software and being used successfully at around 34 installations of All India Radio network in the country. AIR Silchar, Khandwa, Cuttack, Sambalpur, Warrangal, Swaimadhopur, Ratnagiri, Bilaspur, Jodhpur, Suratgarh, Hyderabad & Raipur have recently benefited with this software. This software is very popular and custom specific to AIR needs.

Field Strength Surveys & Propagation Studies:

  • Study was carried out on the Influence of Towers on the Horizontal Radiation Pattern of VHF transmitting Antennas for FM at Jalandhar, Bhatinda and Bareilly. A Research document based on this study has been submitted to ITU, Geneva.
  • Field strength of an experimental 100W FM transmitter installed at Akashwani Bhawan was carried out for the evaluation of its primary coverage area for satisfactory reception and also for the evaluation of building penetration loss inside the high-rise buildings.
  • Experimental Studies on Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) has been undertaken to study of the various parameters of DRM such as Coverage Area, Spectral Efficiency, Improvement in Audio Quality, Delivery of Value Added Services viz. data, text, etc. 250 KW Short Wave transmitters at HPT, Khampur has already been upgraded to carry out DRM transmissions in the Short Wave bands.


Radio is an ideal medium for the issue of warnings before the incoming cyclones, Tsunami and other disasters. Radio transmission in analog mode is in use for Early Warning System (EWS) in countries like Japan. Recently, Japan has developed an EWS system for use with Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting. Research Department has undertaken a study of Early Warning System for AM and FM transmitters which will activate the special type of receivers followed by the Warning announcement.

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