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Sr No. Office Section/ Division NIT No. Subject/ Particulars Issued On/ (Start Time) Last Date/ (End Time) Download
261All India RadioAdminTENDER NO 16/2019 dated 22nd October 2019CORRIGENDUM Extension1 of date for submission and opening of tender No 16/2019 for hiring taxi services. 2019-10-302019-11-05Download
262All India RadioEngineeringEE (E)/Kol/NIT/19 of 20 19-2020CORRIGENDUM: Maintenance of 2 Nos. OTIS Passenger lifts at Doordarshan Bhawan,Office complex, DDK, Kolkata. 2019-10-292019-11-05Download
263All India RadioAdminSML 8(5) GST/2019Notice for Inviting Tender2019-10-282019-11-25Download
264All India RadioEngineeringAE(E)SRFTI II/2019-20/11/301MOEI and Fans i/c street, gate,flood lighting, RMO pump sets for Phase I and II at SRFTI, Kolkata during 2019-20. S.H- Supplying of Electrical lamps and Fittings etc. at SRFTII, Kolkata.2019-10-252019-10-31Download
265All India RadioEngineeringAE(E) SRFTI-II 2019 20/11/300 Operation and Maintenance of Early Fire Alarm system i.c Fire Fighting system at SRFTI, Kolkata for the year 2019-20(SH Supply of materials).2019-10-252019-10-31Download
266All India RadioEngineeringADGE/WZ/37(2)2019-20/M/MEPT IEBR/01Corrigendum:Budgetary Quote enquiry for supply of Spares for RVR make six KW FM Transmitter Model No TXF0161A and one KW FM Transmitter Model No TX01KSSNR2E 2019-10-252019-11-04Download
267All India RadioEngineeringADGE/WZ/37(2)/2019-20/IEBR METP/01Corrigendum-4 Supply of Spares for 1000KW Thomson Make TMW21200-S7HP MW DRM Transmitter at SPT Rajkot 2019-10-252019-11-08Download
268All India RadioEngineering28/EE(C/DIV-III/2019-20Provision of water proofing treatment to the roof over rear foyer and multichannel area towards studio-B at CPC, New Delhi.2019-10-252019-11-05Download
269Prasar Bharati SecretariatITTender No 03(1)11/E Procurment/2012/D_P/Vol III/52CORRIGENDUM 01 - Extension of Last date and time for Submission of Bids and Opening of Technical Bids for e-Procurement service provider in all the Offices of PB AIR and DD all over in India2019-10-242019-11-27Download
270All India RadioEngineering40/EDM/MUM/2019-20MOEL and RMO Pump set at NBH, AIR, Mumbai for the 2019-20.Sh-Providing services of skilled and unskilled labours.2019-10-242019-11-13Download

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