Chairman's Desk

Dear listeners and viewers,

It is a privilege to be serving you all as you have been the back bone of public broadcasting in India, helping us meet the stipulated agenda set by Parliament.

As media discourse has undergone a metamorphosis over the decades, I thank you all for your unflinching support and guidance to Prasar Bharati to help it stay relevant and competitive.

As a public broadcaster, I take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to live up to the ideals that mandated the establishment of this media corporation.

Prasar Bharati (The Broadcasting Corporation of India ) was established following an act of Parliament. While making the law to create this media corporation, Parliament has given Prasar Bharati a set of responsibilities. It has said that Prasar Bharati must be “a genuinely autonomous body, dynamic and flexible - with a high degree of credibility”. It must work in a manner which enriches our democratic traditions and institutions, “being responsible to the people and parliament of India and keeping in mind the variegated traditions, languages and cultures of the country”. Lastly, Parliament has asked Prasar Bharati to uphold the unity and integrity of the country and respect India’s diversity. In that sense, Prasar Bharati’s task is cut out.

Prasar Bharati remains committed to the pursuit of national goals. Whether it is eradication of polio or the Swachh Bharat campaign or sensitisation of the population to issues like gender equality, All India Radio and Doordarshan have played and continue to play a critical role and are institutions working to achieve these goals.

In the era of instant interactivity, Prasar Bharati would count on your feedback, suggestions and guidance drawing on your collective strength to work towards a new progressive and inclusive India. Your proactive support would enable us to pursue common national goals of a healthy clean India blessed with gender equity and inclusive growth.

I request you to partner our national agenda, joining conversations across our linear and non-linear (digital) platforms. Prasar Bharati’s promise to deliver a democratic discourse would fully succeed only with your active contribution.

Very best wishes.

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Last Updated on 07/01/2020